Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Little Old House...

Those that know me or follow my work know that I love my Little Old House that Poppa built for me several years ago using old wood, door, windows, cabinets and mantel, circa 1900.  This old house stores my dolls, supplies and a few antiques.  It's my playhouse that I never had when I was a child...well, I'm still a child...just a little older.

Little Old House
Right next to my Little Old House is my Mold Building.  It is full to the brim with porcelain doll and ceramic molds.  Right behind my Little Old House is a gigantic dead Oak tree that is not on our property.  On Monday of last week a limb fell from the dead tree and put a sizeable dent in the roof of my Mold building.  This past Monday another limb fell and demolished my mold building.

Mold Building
The tree man is coming Saturday to give us an estimate to remove the dead tree. We do have permission from the property owner to take it down.  It will be 3-4 weeks before the tree man can get to us because he is so far behind.  Last summer's drought took a toll on trees and everything.  As for now, I need things in my Little Old House but I'm not taking a chance on another falling limb.....and praying nothing falls on my sweet Little Old House.


Tree Service Queens said...

The power of that branch that fell on the mold building is pretty scary. It caved in the roof. Take it down, asap! Dangerous!

-Oscar Valencia

Plum Thicket said...

Too bad you are not in our neighborhood, Oscar. We're holding our breath here that nothing else happens before we can get the tree removed.