Sunday, September 25, 2011

Drying up...

This *was* our pond.  This hot dry summer has taken it's tole on us, the animals and our surroundings.

 I am standing inside the dry pond.  You can see where the water level usually stays.

This is the deepest part of the pond.  It may be three feet deep now.  Two large white cranes that usually fish here flew in this morning, looked around and left. Lord...We need rain, please!


cockermom said...

I'll pray you get some soon. We were pretty dry this summer but it has been storming the last few days. Hope you get some too! I hate thinking about the poor livestock in this heat and dryness.

Lisa said...

Oh yes, I'll pray for rain, my son lives down there...Texas, and I can't imagine a whole summer without rain. I'll start the rain dance now!

take care,

Junie said...

Edna, I wouldn't miss one of your e-mails. Love reading all of them and seeing whats new. Love your kindnes and being so thoughtfulness. Please keep up the good work you do. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.