Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What do you do when it's 111 degrees outside...

You think cold frosty thoughts and finish knitting a pair of wool footies made from scraps started way back when and start knitting on a new pair of socks to keep those tootsies warm.

You also put on Christmas music and make a Santa.  This guy turned out sweet.  I used a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern adding my own personal simple touches and a face that I sculpted using PaperClay.  This Santa is dressed in 100% rust colored wool with Warm & Natural trim and rusty jingle bells.  He is a cutie!!

It has been 100+ degrees here for almost two months. Gotta love this Texas weather!

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cockermom said...

Oh Dear, I forgot you lived in Texas! I hope you are staying in out of the heat wave. Have faith, It can't last forever!