Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And the Winners are?...

At noon today I used to select the three lucky winners of my Witchee epattern giveaway. The winners are...

#80 Hildreth Ann Smalley

#280 June Modena

#120 Shirlene Downie

My Witchee epattern has already been emailed to each of the winners. Thank you to everyone that helped to make my epattern give-a-way a really fun event. Be sure to check out all of the postings at Handmade Art Fair and visit our member's links. Find something new at Handmade Art Fair!

Wishing all of you a most delightful Autumn Season.


Anonymous said...

I love my Pattern, always love winning...thank you

Lisa said...

Congratulations, to all the winners!

Edna, I had to tell you, that I saw your dolls in, Art Doll! and they looked great, congrats to you too!


Plum Thicket said...

Thank you Anonymous :)

and Thank you, Lisa. You know that you do *sweet work*. I have admired your work for a long time. Creating is good for the soul :))